JD Weaver makes recording debut

JD Weaver makes recording debut

His heroes are John Lee Hooker, Joan Baez, John Martyn, Stevie Nicks. Also John Butler. And Stevie Ray Vaughan…But at only 19, JD Weaver is a recording artist and a hero himself. Check this out…

We can announce his first recordings. The EP’s called Where Eagles Fly. Recording/gigging has been very difficult access-wise. Now JD is looking for a label or producer. Looking to move forward. Not only that! Also – JD has taken a brave step.

He’s taking a stand. He’s speaking out. It’s an issue JD knows. He is highlighting it. He’s raising it. Because it’s been hidden or ignored. It’s the unseen issue of music and disability, music and access, music and visibility. Of music and marginalisation. It’s a music industry issue. A whole lot more needs to be done. Music and disability. Think about it.

JD says this:

“I want to say ‘no’, ‘this is does not define me…I am capable of so much more than some people think’. The EP discusses how people can be marginalised and grow disillusioned. For me, I haven’t always been disabled, so I’ve seen my dreams/aspirations change. I’ve had friends come and go. Because of how differently they saw me once I was labelled disabled.

“I decided to confront this through a concept EP built around a native figure, taking element s from aboriginal people, native American and Inca civilisations. This figure has left the world to hide in a cave high above a mountain range. The only animals there are eagles. Eagles and this dweller see the horrors of the world unfold from above; they have seen their world completely changed due to the constant movements of people, war, violence, abuses. I read up on the issues native/indigenous groups face today as a result of their history. I saw something of these cultures in myself. I love their vibrancy. And that they stay strong, despite the fact their history has been far from generous to them, really spoke to me on a personal level. I want that with my music. Vibrancy and colour. And yet a sense that there may be a real tragedy beneath. I hope you all will take something away and possibly see some potential in me that I know is there!”

Inspired music. Inspirational stuff. The EP was produced by Bob Cooper at Airtight Studios, Manchester, famed for being a recording space for artists such as KT Tunstall and Thea Gilmore. Brilliant Billy Bragg sideman Chris Hillman plays lap steel, while JD plays Seagull Excursion and Washburn Black electro-acoustic guitars. This is the start for JD. What a story.