MARK NEVIN – Beautiful Guitars (Raresongs Recordings MARKNCD004)

Beautiful GuitarsWe’ve all done it, or know someone who has: gazed longingly in the window or gone inside for a closer look; maybe even asked to try a Strat or a Firebird (insert guitar of choice). That’s the premise of the title track of this album in which the writer portrays himself as a man with family responsibilities that keep him from the road and now teaches his son. But still he haunts Denmark Street looking wistfully in shop windows. How can you not love Mark E Nevin after a song like this?

‘Beautiful Guitars’ is not so much a song as a series of observations linked by a chorus and it’s this quirky way of writing that makes Mark so fascinating. Take ‘The Old Wound’ for example: all the way through it sounds as though he’s writing about a physical wound and he doesn’t deviate from that line. But you’re left with the feeling that this is really a psychological wound that “will never heal”. ‘Dangerous’ is a bit of soul-baring that comes out of a dream – real or imagined, who knows?

There is everything here from the fragile acoustic guitar of ‘Kiteflyer’s Hill’ to the glorious celebration of ‘Let’s Make Hay’ with The Kick Horns in full cry. It’s one of the album’s top tracks and is set against ‘Just In Time (To Be Too Late)’ which is Mark’s ‘Positively Fourth Street’ – soulful and vicious. Others in the supporting cast include fellow ex-Fairground Attraction Simon Edwards on bass, drummer Martyn Barker, pedal steel maestro B J Cole and Folk Award winner, Tim Edey.

Beautiful Guitars is fabulous album, full of original ideas and equally original execution. What more do you want?

Dai Jeffries

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