Lachlan Bryan And The Wildes tour UK this month with Alan Fletcher

Lachlan Bryan And The Wildes

Lachlan Bryan And The Wildes will make their way back to the UK in March and April with their great mate Alan Fletcher (yes, the Alan Fletcher who played Karl Kennedy in Neighbours – who happens to be a devotee of Americana music with a new John Prine-inspired album under his belt) in March and April. It’s LB and band’s sixth visit in as many years, and over this time their UK releases have received overwhelming praise.

A little bit country, a little bit folky and a tiny bit rock & roll, Lachlan Bryan And The Wildes have built a cult following of loyalists who’ll argue that LB is a master songwriter and storyteller, and that the band’s raggedy, eccentric performance is completely unique.

Yet ask the guys themselves and they’ll tell you they’re just a handful of wandering troubadours, worshipping at the altar of Dylan, Waits and Wilco.

The reviews for the band in Australia and overseas have been glowing. Here’s just a few: 

“As Long As It’s Not Us is more proof that Lachlan Bryan And The Wildes are some of the best purveyors of roots based ‘Americana’ treading the boards these days” Paul Kerr, Blabber n Smoke  Scotland

“Though distinctly radio-friendly, ‘As Long as it’s Not Us’ contains a depth that gives the hooks and licks a beguiling sustenance” Richard Phillips, Americana UK

“This is a hugely radio friendly collection of poppy, melodic and instantly catchy tunes.” Mike Davies,

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‘Never Said A Word’ – official video: