Norah Rendell – new album – Spinning Yarns

Spinning YarnsWith: Brian Miller (Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandola)
Randy Gosa (Guitar, Mandola)
Ailie Robertson (Harp) –
Dáithí Sproule (Guitar)
Adam Kiesling (Bass)

Spinning Yarns is a hand-picked collection of traditional songs that come from the rich singing cultures that were once part of the fabric of communities across Canada. This collection especially features the songs of Canadian singers of Irish, Scottish and English descent for whom old songs provided connection to memories of special times, people and places. As such, they were cherished by their singers and by the communities that enjoyed them.

“In my early twenties, I found a portal into the world of traditional music in Vancouver’s Irish scene. My fascination with the melodies and rhythms led to an interest in the stories behind the tunes, which in turn compelled me to follow them to their source. I enjoyed two years in Limerick, Ireland, immersed in a living musical tradition. My roundabout return to North America as a touring musician brought me into contact with traditional music communities all over the eastern half of Canada”.

“The thing I love the most about this music is that everyone (of any age!) has a place at the table—whether they be listeners, aficionados, singers, dancers, instrumentalists, mentors, larger-than-life characters or recluses. The performer is only a portal: an entry point into a rich world of human connection”.

Track Listing

  1. Letty Lee
  2. The Sailor’s Bride
  3. The Carrion Crow
  4. Little Jimmy Whalen
  5. The Pinery Boy
  6. Pretty Susan
  7. Biddy Rooney
  8. Sir Neil & Glengyle
  9. St Patrick’s Day
  10. Here’s A Health Unto All True Lovers
  11. Forty Fishermen
  12. When I Awake In The Morning

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