Video Wall 17

The year rolls on and there doesn’t seem to be much sign of optimism – apart from Trump and Cummings getting the boot, of course – so let’s cheer ourselves up with some pictures and music.

We’ve said before that we’d be nowhere without BEANS ON TOAST and this is a charming track from Knee Deep In Nostalgia, one of two new albums he’s releasing on December 1st to mark his 40th birthday. Here is ‘The Album Of The Day’:

We try to avoid doing this as we spend much of our time staring at monitors but BEN P WILLIAMS is ‘Staring At My Phone’ and so are some of his friends.

Swedish singer-songwriter James Auger works under the name A CHOIR OF GHOSTS and his new single ‘Skin & Bones’ is released this week.

We know that Christmas is coming but people still keep reminding us about it. Gloucestershire duo THE PEEKIES are no exception and have released a pretty new single ‘Christmas Moon’.

‘Isn’t It’ by KACY & CLAYTON AND MARLON WILLIAMS comes from their new album, Plastic Bouquet, which we’ll be reviewing very soon.

KAMA VARDI has just released her second English-language album. ‘The Gate’ is her current single.

‘Brave The Storm’ is a rather lovely song from the debut album by LAST YEAR’S MAN, a pseudonym adopted by song-writer/producer Tyler Fortier.

Cape Breton indi-folk quartet, VILLAGES, have released an EP called Upon The Horizon. This is the lead track.

‘Not Fuckin’ Around’ by ASHLEIGH STILL is the opening track from the album of the live stream of a performance by Minneapolis women’s collective, #metoompls. We hope that’s clear enough.

NEEDTOBREATH released their seventh album, Out Of Body, back in August and they have followed up with an official video of the track ‘Banks’.

Finally, and rather more sombrely, DECLAN O’ROURKE recently released the second single from his upcoming album, Arrivals. This is ‘Andy Sells Coke’.