WHAPWEASEL – 7 (Whap Records WW0014)

7Renowned Award-Winning English ska-folk fusion ceilidh band Whapweasel have recently released their latest album entitled 7 which is a beautiful collection of dance tunes each of which is different in its own way. Written by band members past and present, this 7-piece band have put together this their fourth studio album of ten glorious tracks for your delectation.

Band members are Brian Bell (Bass Guitar), Heather Bell (Keyboard), Fiona Finden (Tenor & Soprano Saxophones), Stuart Finden (Tenor Saxophone), Matt Price (Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Mandolin), Dan Ward (Drums) and Saul Rose on Melodeons all make up this wonderfully talented band.

‘The Very Jigs (1 & 2)’ is an excellent start to the 7 album, the foot tapping begins in the first few seconds with this most jolly mix of jigs. ‘Tow Pint Sweet Spot’ has a drum intro and is a lively little number.  ‘Undercurrent’ – another jig and foot tapper but with a more mellow approach.  ‘Ozzy M’ has a cleverly arranged Reggae feel.  ‘Big Blue/Seth Seth’ has a mellow lead in and as the track moves on it becomes louder and more pronounced. ‘One for Murray/Rufus Rough Cut ‘has all instruments joining in giving it a melodic air.

‘Thin Air’ has a melodic but somehow irregular rhythm.  ‘Beansprout/Beneath The Ice’ has a prominent keyboard and is a track that conjured up images for me of Morris Dancers at May Day!  Penultimate track – ‘Hoopla ‘is’ a bright little tune.  Lastly ‘The Belle Rose’ commenced with beautiful guitar picking – a lovely mellow tune and gathered apace to finish.   All different in their own right and are brilliantly put together.

You can buy the album 7 as a CD or digitally from the bands website and you can see where they are playing live next on their Events page.

Jean Camp

Artist’s website: www.whapweasel.com

There are no current videos available.

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