3 Daft Monkeys Interview

3 Daft Monkeys

Its been a while since we chatted to those 3 Daft Monkeys, so thought it was high time we caught up with them at the New Forest Folk Festival.

One of my lasting beer aerobic memories was standing with Tim and Athene at a festival watching a band years ago, I dropped my pint in a moment of madness and somehow it landed right side up on the grass, without spilling a drop. That is the effect those Monkeys have you, its never a dull moment with them around.

So, with beer secured, Paul Johnson and I arranged to meet Tim Ashton (with surprise guest Arlo) in the Artists Garden to have our chat. We talk about Glastonbury, what they have been up to recently, the Giant Pink Castle, what’s been happening since Lukas Drinkwater left the band and the new line up featuring Rich Mulryne (percussion/vocals) and Jamie Graham (bass).

We also talk about the most recent album ‘Year of the Clown’, the idea behind it and also plans for a new album. Tim talks about the Busking festivals in Italy and Switzerland and Arlo’s hula-hoop show. Finally, we speak about the rest of the tour this year and where you can go to see them jump around the stage all night.

Darren Beech

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All live dates via Artist’s website: https://www.3daftmonkeys.co.uk/live