Stone Junction release their debut album

Stone Junction

Stone Junction have released their debut album Could We Start This All Again?, replete with the accomplished and varied transatlantic sounds of guitars, mandolin, accordion, whistle and the band’s signature vocal harmonies. But despite the tinges of bluegrass, the country lilt of Americana, the melodic drive and pulse of Celtic folk,and unique and original harmonies that conjure up echoes of Laurel Canyon…Stone Junction do not sound like anyone else.

Their re-interpretation of traditional folk and more contemporary transatlantic cross-overs, mingled with a selection of their own work stubbornly defies labels, is delivered in an original voice…and that voice is always at its biggest and emotional best when played live. Their first album Could We Start This All Again? is a serious effort to capture this unique live sound and, essentially, it’s just three guys playing together live…in a studio. No bells…and only one whistle.

The album features fifteen acoustic renderings of a cross-section of the sort of songs the band likes to play. Sometimes obscure, occasionally familiar, but always original, Could We Start This All Again? will definitely grab your attention with its rolling musical landscape, incomparable vocal harmonies and that inventive and varied instrumental groove that always characterises a Stone Junction live performance.

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