Serious Child and Andy Ruddy announce collaborative album

Serious Child and Andy Ruddy

talk about the weather is the new collaborative album from two independent British singer songwriters who have come together across generations and musical backgrounds.

Serious Child – West Sussex roots musician Alan Young – and contemporary Bradford singer songwriter Andy Ruddy met one another through music and despite their 24-year age gap, were compelled to join forces.

Finding fertile ground in their musical differences, the album – set for release Friday 3 September – lies somewhere in the realms of “The Beatles meets Simon & Garfunkel meets Scissor Sisters meets Bon Iver meets Mumford & Sons meets Serious Child meets Andy Ruddy”.

Alan gave up a career in IT to pursue music two years ago while his younger counterpart Andy works for Give A Song charity, performing to vulnerable people in lockdown. The seemingly unfashionable couple unite in their shared sense of thoughtful storytelling, intriguing musicality and sharp sense of humour, as they investigate the things that bring generations together.

Serious Child said: “In writing this album we talked a lot about the different stages of our lives, and what was important to us both. It seemed that there was so much dividing people based on their age but we became more interested in kindness and what brings us and other people together. We believe there’s a hopeful message to be found in the bonds we’ve formed through this project and the common ground and dialogue it has opened up.”

The self-composed record was written remotely during months of weekly Zoom calls providing the songwriters with a creative lifeline in lockdown. It was recorded in their bedrooms before collaborating with Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studio to bring it all together in the studio.

Andy Ruddy said: “We challenged ourselves and each other to think and write freely: to create universal songs that could reach across our respective generations whilst keeping true to what we both believe. The end product is a joyful collaboration that ultimately has a fun and positive outlook.”

From catfishing to the struggle creative people have faced to have art recognised as a worthwhile pursuit, the album explores a range of topical themes. The first single and title track ‘Talk About The Weather’ speaks of people of all ages avoiding talking about their feelings. The second single ‘Turn The Music Down’, out 25 June, is a response to creatives being told to give up their careers and the third, ‘All My Friends Are Famous’, available with the album on 3 September, is a witty rejection of celebrity-obsessed culture.

Serious Child can be heard on vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium, keyboards and ukulele and Andy Ruddy on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards and kazoo. They are joined by producer Chris Pepper on bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, harmonium, dulcitone, ukulele and acoustic guitar, Kirsty McGee on flute and backing vocals, Jamie Francis on banjo and Pete Harvey on cello.

This jamboree of acoustic instruments pair together magically on the album to create a stand-out rootsy sound. Cello and piano could be mistaken for an electric guitar and a dulcitone gives off a synth-like quality that creates a rich, earthy tone to the tracks.

Serious Child & Andy Ruddy will embark on a 10 day album tour this September, taking in venues in London, Glasgow, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Edinburgh and their respective home towns.

talk about the weather will be out on CD and vinyl and available to download and stream on all major platforms on Friday, 3 September. Pre-orders available now at

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