SAM WEBER – Everything Comes True (Sonic Unyon Records)

Everything Comes TrueSam Weber’s Everything Comes True is a warm walk in favorite forest. It’s a record of commercial appeal that still contains the wooded feel of tree bark, fallen leaves, and distant sounds of broken branches that crack in the autumnal air.

This is a really nice listen that recalls the Whole Earth Catalog ambiance from the 70’s.

There are so many shadows in this music. The title track could be kin to the piano led ‘Let It Be’ by Sir Paul. And then there is echo of a Robbie Robertson guitar solo, circa Northern Lights – Southern Cross. The same is true for the gospel of ‘Queen On The Money’, which oozes the soul of Richard Manuel and is framed by ghost of Garth Hudson’s keyboards and yet another Robbie solo, with pedal steel and horns thrown into the stew. The penultimate tune, ‘Blackout’, begins with a guitar dripping gravy and stuffed worry, and it ambles with the same “impossibility of sainthood” as Crazy Chester, Miss Fannie, and Luke, who’s “waiting for the judgment day” from Big Pink’s ‘The Weight’.

Everything Comes True has a soft and beautiful molten core. The acoustic ‘Avenir’ has quiet tension with emotive (almost) Paul Simon ‘Duncan’ vocals against a piano backdrop. ‘Mendocino’ is another plaintive tune that yearns with pedal steel tears. This is slow dance stuff that never bothers to stop gazing at the stars.

‘Probably Not’ gets all tough and sort of deep, spooky, and heavy, like David Crosby’s ‘Long Time Gone’.

And, by the way, fans of Jackson Browne will find a lot to love here. ‘Promise Of The Road’ has that same west coast warm piano flow that simply pulses with the motto, “Take it easy”.

Now, if I may throw a wobbler into the mix, the record conjures the folk purity of Gallagher and Lyle’s long gone classic, Willie AndTthe Lapdog. That’s pretty great praise.

But two songs ride a much quicker pulse. ‘It’s All Happening’ bops with humour and throbbing bass of a Graceland Paul Simon song. And the final tune, ‘No’, also bursts with a ‘Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover’ vibe with a really decent jazz horn motive move to boot.

Everything Comes True just manages to edge over every horizon. Sam Weber’s vocals are honest to a Canadian fault. The music is new, old, and everything in between. It’s gospel; it’s folk; it’s rock; and at times, it’s worthy of a confessional prayer. And it’s also worthy of any casual street dance. Perhaps it’s both—both at the very same time. Everything Comes True can take one of those ancestry blood tests and just look to any great Americana record collection for the results. This album simply has a deep root touch into the soul of a gospel word, a melodic folk tune, and a decent boozy bit of (and sort of biblical) rock ‘n’ roll music.

Bill Golembeski

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