News of George Butterworth documentary film

George Butterworth

After more than three years of careful work and the kind participation of a host of contributors, the first ever George Butterworth documentary film is now complete.

This ninety-five minute feature documentary about the English composer, folk song collector and folk dancer is a fitting account of a great lost talent, full of brilliant music from folk songs and morris dance tunes, solo male voice and piano to full orchestras.  The filmmakers like to think that after seeing the documentary, you will never hear George Butterworth’s music in quite the same way again.

After such a long build up and all the support and encouragement the makers have received, they cannot wait to start showing this film and see George’s story connecting with audiences UK-wide.  However in order to do this the film requires certain essential technical post production work.

The film makers are therefore inviting contributions through a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo to cover these costs and take the film over the finish line and into cinemas around the UK.

The campaign was live for October and indications are that the financial target has been achieved. The site is still open and support need not necessarily be financial – although every pound will help us towards the goal.  Mentioning the campaign on your website or sharing the link for this important and timely film with anyone you think may like to see it will be a massive boost.

Please see full details of the campaign on the film’s IndieGoGo page and check out the rewards for supporters – George Butterworth Portrait Documentary Film

Film trailer: ALL MY LIFE’S BURIED HERE – The Story of George Butterworth

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