Jake Morley – new recordings

Jake Morley
Photograph by Danial Alexander Harris

Singer, songwriter and virtuoso guitar player Jake Morley is a firm believer in straight talking, direct songs.  His Spotify playlist, Tell It To Me Straight, a collection of some of his favorite examples by other artists, is a constant source of inspiration.

Now he’s recording a series of his own stripped-back songs featuring just voice and his extraordinary guitar playing. They will be released one by one over the coming months though Sandwich Emporium Records. In the autumn he performs at twenty of the UK’s most intimate venues from the Highlands to Devon, from Wales to East Anglia and releases an acoustic version of ‘Ghostess’ on July 20th via Sandwich Emporium Records.

At the heart of Jake’s music are tender, poetic, heartfelt lyrics that showcase his talent for putting a twist on the everyday, crystalizing what many may think but are unable to say.  Every emotion – whether dark feelings of obsession, fear, loss or inadequacy, or simply just feeling foolish or overwhelmingly happy without an obvious reason – are all fair game for Morley’s disarming honesty. Featuring his remarkable ability to make a guitar sound like a piano, drums or a harp, these immaculate new recordings (produced by Grammy nominated producer Calum MacColl) are as elemental and starkly beautiful as they come.

Jake says

“I like songs that treat you like an equal, that say exactly what they mean without over-complicating things.  It sounds simple, but it’s as demanding as any song writing – possibly more so. When you strip everything back you remove the barrier between the song and the listener so there’s nowhere for the artist to hide. It was the same principle when we picked the most up-close and intimate venues we could find for the tour. I want to minimize the divisions between the stage and the audience, so it’ll just be them, the songs and me.”

Jake has had airplay on Radio 2, 6 Music, numerous local and overseas radio stations. He’s played hundreds of gigs around the world and opened for Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Lucy Rose, The Hoosiers and guitar hero Joe Bonamassa. Overseas representation for management and live booking across North America mean Jake will be touring USA and Canada again in 2019.

Artist’s website: www.jakemorley.com

‘Ghostess’ – live: