Jacob Furr – Fort Worth songwriter announces new album

Jacob Furr

Jacob Furr is a folk songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas, and is an intersection of Wilco-esque folk-rock and a seeker’s honest heart. He is one of Fort Worth’s favourite musical sons, with as much goodness in his reputation as lives in his music. Jacob won “Songwriter of the Year” (Fort Worth Weekly) in both 2014 and 2015 and won the Bluelight Live Songwriter Competition (Lubbock) in 2015

“I keep saying that my work the past decade has been part of a “project”, but that sounds like I planned it in advance. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I try to let songs come as they will and when they will, when my attention to them is tuned to the highest frequency. I’m not a songwriter who wakes up and writes every day. I usually take long drives or sit for hours strumming a guitar until something clicks or my mind can’t let an idea go. I can’t say that I want my songs to be one thing or the other. I just want to let them live in their own space and time. I do like them to sound like they’d be the perfect music to put on when you’re taking one of those soul searching solo drives late into the night and far from home. I’m mostly surprised by how they have touched people over the years, and by how many people tell me they listen to them as they moved across the country or lost and gained partners. That makes me glad. What more could I want than for my experience to be echoed inside of a friend? That is what writing is about to me, an attempt to honestly express an emotion of thought, grief, or love, and if it is done well, it comes back to you.”

Jacob Furr has arrived at the culmination of an unexpected 10-year journey of healing through long westward drives, self-reflection, friendships and storytelling. His third installation of a trio of albums, Turning, debuts with sincere emotion in every song that has finally found a home in this unplanned trio. While some journeys are about where you’re driving to, for Furr the last decade was more about what he was driving through.

To understand the unique evolution of emotion and the depth of the stories in Turning, knowing where the journey started makes the music even more meaningful. Following the death of his late wife, Christina, in 2013 Furr quite literally took to the road, and headed west. The first album, Trails & Traces was written as a part of his grieving process, and recorded with his two best friends in Prairie Sun Studio in Cotati, CA.

“After recording Trail & Traces,” said Furr, “I set off to solo touring because driving was the only thing that gave me enough space to let my mind wander and process my grief and love.”

Through his time touring, Furr wrote what became “Sierra Madre”, the second instalment of the trio, that he recorded with friend and fellow musician Ryan Tharp in 2016. The album reflects the mountains and storms that Furr drove through literally and emotionally for three years. Over the years, Furr says his process wasn’t to write daily, but rather take long drives, sit for hours strumming his guitar and waiting for something to click.

Artist’s website: https://jacobfurr.com/home/

‘Take Care’ – live:

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