Introducing singer-songwriter Bob Gallie

Bob Gallie

Bob Gallie will tell you himself: ” I carry a lot of baggage around with me “… this is from someone who writes songs that he believes will eventually make sense of his life . Having performed with Guitarist Brian Tatler from the band Diamond Head earlier on in his life as a vocalist, Bob was on the road constantly performing in such venues as the Old Marquee club in London and supporting acts like Dr. Feelgood.

“It was pretty crazy and I was a mess most of the time.” Eventually something had to give and Bob left the music behind for many years….. until he learned to play and  sing again with encouragement from friends and fans.

This is where we find Bob now, playing festivals and everywhere else in between with his acoustic guitar and a heart full of emotion when he performs.

“I knew the journey would be long…I just didn’t realise how long!

“…it’s always the mellow, heartfelt material of Bob’s that leaves me floored; his performance of the beautiful  ‘Please Don’t Cry’ was impeccable,  ‘Blood and Bones’ is always spellbinding and throughout it was number after number that seemed to outdo the one from before..” Arran Dutton – Fix Magazine

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