Bella Gaffney announces new album and autumn tour

Bella Gaffney

Bella Gaffney is set to captivate listeners with her new album, Reflections. This remarkable collection of songs has been meticulously crafted to reflect the profound connections made during the tumultuous period of lockdown. Bella’s poignant lyrics and heartfelt melodies invite us to embrace the power of human connection and the beauty that can emerge from even the most challenging circumstances. Reflections includes self-written songs and captivating traditional pieces. The album seamlessly blends her original compositions with powerful interpretations of timeless folk classics. Bella’s deep-rooted love for the genre shines through in every note, inviting listeners on a poignant journey through emotions and shared experiences.

One of the standout tracks on the album is ‘Black Water’, a soul-stirring homage to Bella’s homeland of Yorkshire. With evocative lyrics and enchanting melodies, this song transports listeners to the enchanting landscapes and rich heritage of the region. Bella’s heartfelt vocals and exquisite guitar work capture the essence of Yorkshire, evoking a sense of nostalgia and pride.

Bella collaborates with Australian singer Leesa Ghentz on ‘Blood In The Earth’. This striking song, addressing the urgent issue of climate change, has already garnered attention and was recently played on BBC Radio 2. Bella and Leesa’s harmonious voices intertwine beautifully, amplifying the message of environmental consciousness and the need for collective action.

Another notable collaboration on Reflections is the haunting duet ‘Fair & Tender Ladies,’ featuring the remarkable vocal talent of Sam Kelly. Their intertwined voices breathe new life into this beloved traditional piece, infusing it with raw emotion and an enchanting harmony.

Reflections also features a dark and captivating rendition of the traditional classic ‘Gallows Pole’, famously popularized by Led Zeppelin. Bella’s powerful interpretation infuses the song with her unique style, delivering a spine-tingling live performance.

Bella’s latest single ‘Blue’ captures the essence of her musical influences, blending folk-inspired storytelling with a contemporary edge. ‘Blue’ showcases her ability to craft songs that are both personal and relatable. The song was described as ‘a little gem’ by

In addition to the release of her new album, Bella is embarking on a co-headline tour across the UK with Dan Webster in September and October. The tour promises to be a memorable experience for fans, as Bella and Dan take their music to intimate venues across the country.

Reflections is available for streaming and download on all major music platforms from July 28th. Don’t miss Bella Gaffney and Dan Webster on their co-headline tour across the UK this September and October.

Artist’s website:

‘Blood In The Earth’ – live:

Tour Dates

29/09/2023 | The Crescent, York
05/10/2023 | House Concert, Lowestoft
06/10/2023 | The Harrison, London
07/10/2023 | Kingsmead House Concert, High Wycombe
08/10/2023 | The Wight Bear, Bournemouth
09/10/2023 | Cafe Kino, Bristol
13/10/2023 | Folk and Roots, Doncaster

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