Andy White streams Kiss The Big Stone live

Andy White

It’s been a while! Andy’s back in lockdown and has performed his second album Kiss The Big Stone live in the studio. The performance premieres this coming Sunday, August 29, at 11a.m. UK/Irish time and you can watch via our YouTube channel. Here’s the link,

You’ll see the start time in your time zone. It’s fun to watch live, with everyone (including Andy) joining in the chat. Sorry it’s not at a great time for America, but the show will stay online.

The concert audio will be released as a high quality download on Andy’s Bandcamp site,

Along with two boxes of Kiss The Big Stone CDs and original vinyl which Andy found under the stairs. If you order either you’ll get the concert audio immediately and Andy will post the CD/LP from Melbourne. LP postage from Australia is eye-watering I’m afraid, but we can’t do anything about it. Also, CD postage to the US (there’s a special security clearance). Everywhere else is OK. The LPs are the only mint condition copies you’ll find and Kiss The Big Stone is only available currently as part of the box set.

“I wrote Kiss the Big Stone on the road listening to Sign O’ The Times and I’ve always wanted to play the album all the way through on acoustic (with some studio toys). At the time we were colouring in Rave On with crayons. I can hear those early tours in the songs, people and places. Times like these. Yes there will be singing, yes there will be ringing of bells.”

If you missed the release of rarities album Rarer earlier in the year, or the live performance of Himself, they’re also on Bandcamp.

Artist’s website:

‘Here Come The Girls’:

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