AMY DUNCAN – Antidote (Filly Records FILLY002)

AntidoteThis CD, Antidote by Amy Duncan, is not generally my type of music but I really like this recording.

Regretfully, the cover is somewhat minimal and does not explain the songs or their reasoning. It does tell us that Amy Duncan wrote all of the songs but I have to go the promotional blurb for further explanation.

Amy tells us “I was searching for a cure, a way of being, that could move beyond the depressive cycle. The songs are linked together by the theme of overcoming adversity in health and life”, suggesting to me that Amy has had a hard time somewhere, sometime recently and had overcome it by writing and recording these eleven songs.

I’m not big on listening to songs written by people who need to get something off their chest but I did not pick up on anything depressive in any of the songs. Although, track three ‘The Severed Head’ caused me some concern that the author may have committed an unknown, pretty serious crime sometime in her life.

‘The Lost Balloon’ is my favourite track. It is simply melodic, well written and goof to listen too. There are no words on the cover but a direction to a web page for this. I made a point of going back to some of Amy Duncan’s previous recordings and she is an excellent artiste. She recorded this CD at home but put it out to a close friend to mix and master. The quality is good and the arrangements and harmonies a credit to Amy Duncan’s ability.

Antidote is outwith my traditional preferences but will remain in my collection simply because I like it.

Fraser Bruce

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