Alison Kinnaird video – Peter Nardini auction

In this video, glass artist and musician Alison Kinnaird explores the link between art & music which have intertwined throughout her life and introduces new work which will be shown for the first time at her open studio exhibition in August 2021.

The exhibition, part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, will be held at Alison’s home and workplace, Shillinghill Studios, which is also where Temple Records have been based since 1978.

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Peter Nardini

Peter Nardini is our current featured artist, and one truly befitting of the word. A singularly talented musician and songwriter, Peter is also a superb painter, well known and respected on the Scottish Contemporary Art scene and beyond.

At the end of this month, twenty five of Peter’s original paintings will made available in an live broadcast online auction hosted by the BBC’s Natasha Raskin Sharp, founder and auctioneer of the new Exhibit Auctions platform.

We’re very pleased to say that the winning bidder for each painting will also receive a complimentary vinyl LP of Peter’s ‘is there anybody out there?’ album, courtesy of Temple Records – another artwork for the collection!

The auction takes place at 3pm BST on Sunday 27th June and you can register and view the paintings online now at Exhibit Auctions, or see them in person at the Arti San Toi Gallery (73 Moncur Street, Glasgow, G40 2SL) between the 25th-27th June 2021.

You can also find out more about Peter Nardini, hear some of his music, and get a 25% discount on either or both of his great albums on Temple Records, at

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