ROB LINCOLN – 5 Cents A Song (own label)

5 centsIt used to be true that every pop star or group needed a gimmick. If they didn’t have one the press would take something and make it into one – The Beatles’ haircuts, Orbison’s shades, whatever. Rob Lincoln will be the first to tell you that what he’s done isn’t a gimmick but it certainly attracted our attention.

Consider the title of the album, 5 Cents A Song. It’s meant literally – the album retails at $15.00 in the States so at 5 cents a song that’s 300 songs. That’s a hell of a debut solo album. The main course of this double-disc banquet is in DVD format containing the first 300 songs that Rob wrote beginning when he was fifteen. In addition, there are files of lyrics and chords and, I kid you not, 42 bonus tracks! This disc runs to over eighteen hours and even the most dedicated reviewer isn’t going to get through all that before sitting down to write so Rob has thoughtfully provided a standard CD sampler of twenty-three songs. I started there.

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