SPUTNIK WEASEL – EULOGY (Steampunk Crooner Records)

sputnik-sleeveSputnik states on the sleeve notes of this album “It’s not easy listening…” and I would have to disagree. This collection of tracks is very easy listening. The themes are varied from alcohol to food, from love to fashion and from politics to religion. The lyrics are sprinkled liberally with wry humour or dry observations.

Just as the subject matter of the songs is varied, so are the styles. Sputnik covers folk, country and western, a hint of jazz, and even boogie-woogie in the delightful and witty ‘Party Goin’ On In My Head’. ‘The Last Butterfly Wings’ is a song that is both beautiful and sad, providing a counterbalance to the more humorous tracks. This is followed by the swing-like ‘De Nada Pinata’ with its wonderful raspberry-blowing brass. The most commercial songs are ‘Stacey Jo’ which has an infectious chorus and catchy musical riffs and ‘Ain’t It A Shame’, a rousing country and western humdinger. 

The songs flow into each other effortlessly. Nothing jars or feels out of place and the songs are never less than entertaining. All the tracks are written and performed by Sputnik Weasel with confidence and competence. He attempts to be thought provoking and, in this, he succeeds admirably. If you have never experienced Sputnik’s music before, give him a listen. I suspect you will not be disappointed.

If music was a box of chocolates, this would be the quality selection of hard and soft centres. Sputnik has converted this reviewer into a fan.

Ron D Bowes