Trace The Line: Yvonne Lyon, Gareth Davies-Jones and David Lyon collaborate on new album

Trace The LineTrace The Line is a unique and impressive collaboration between singer/songwriters Yvonne Lyon, Gareth Davies-Jones and David Lyon.

The trio, all respected artists and multi-instrumentalists in their own right, have created a beautifully engaging album, rich in melody, harmony and poetic nuance. Featuring ten original songs and a variety of musical influences, they weave an exceptional sonic tapestry with great skill and originality.

In keeping with their 2016 release, The Space Between, much of the charm of this collection is in the quality of their vocals as Yvonne and Gareth alternate and duet throughout. The combination is natural and effortless as both artists demonstrate the craft that has been a hallmark of their individual repertoires for the last two decades, earning widespread acclaim in the UK and beyond.

From the expansive opening of ‘Unconditional’ to the foot stomping protest of ‘Revolution’, Trace The Line offers compelling listening throughout. A wide range of musical styles are evident but typically the material is centred around acoustic guitars and piano.

‘Trouble’ is one of many highlights with its infectious chorus and bluegrass energy, further enhanced by violin, mandolin and accordion. The mood becomes more reflective on ‘Altitude’ as Gareth’s trademark fingerpicking guitar soothes and inspires before electric guitars and Hammond organ create the backdrop to the evocative lament, ‘In The Riot Of Love’.

Among the guest contributors are award-winning violinist and composer Seonaid Aitken and Nashville-based guitarist, songwriter and producer Dan Wheeler. Both grace and energise the album with instinctive flair.

Yvonne and David have supported Eddi Reader throughout the UK and performed with Beth Nielsen Chapman. They have also shared the stage with Dougie MacLean, Patti Griffin, Karine Polwart and Karen Matheson and guested on two live sessions with Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2.

Gareth has appeared with Phil Beer, Waterson Carthy, Spiers & Boden, Karine Polwart, Paul Field and Andy Flannagan while also collaborating with Megson, Jez Lowe, Landermason and Calum Stewart.

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