KIZZY CRAWFORD – The Way I Dream (Freestyle Records FSRCD128)

The Way I DreamKizzy Crawford has been making music for a while but her début album The Way I Dream is only just on the verge of being released and it’s been worth the wait.  When I first saw Kizzy she could have gone in several directions, including folk which she sings very well.  On this album she has taken a very different direction and produced something of quality that stands out from the crowd.  With a combination of soul and funk, even a bit of rap, it has a very strong commercial appeal and could well be the album that is the big breakthrough Kizzy deserves.  That’s why it needs to stand out because it’s a very crowded area, but the electronics and drums have been well mixed and produced so they compliment Kizzy’s voice rather than competing with it.  The lyrics are the most important element in every song on the album and they come through clearly.  Kizzy certainly has a voice that deserves to be heard, being very clear and nicely pitched.  She doesn’t have the biggest range but it’s warm and welcoming, drawing you in to the song.

The album opens with ‘Dive’, which is certainly a dance track and it is hard to listen to without moving.  ‘Real Love’, following it, is more upbeat in tempo and this variety continues through the album. ‘Progression’ is possibly my personal favourite, a song that bounces along and has all that excitement of youth but knowing there’s a lot more to come.  It’s another track you will find yourself moving to, especially during the chorus.

Kizzy has both Welsh and Bajan roots and both of these influence the album.  Two of the songs are in Welsh; ‘Achub Fi’ and ‘Adlewyrchu Arnaf’ but they stay in that modern style and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.  Any language has to move with the times and find an outlet that will appeal to people as a living thing.  Track 9, ‘Waiting Game’, is in English but has a Welsh rap in it; that may be a first but it certainly catches the attention.

I would recommend this album.  It’s different from what I normally listen to but I’ve played it far more than I needed to for for review purposes because it’s very good and I’ve enjoyed it.  It’s light and well paced and certainly brightens up the daily drive to work.

The Way I Dream is released on the 25th October and I haven’t seen a way of pre-ordering yet but it will be available through all the usual platforms as well as independent websites.

Tony Birch

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