Ray Cooper unleashes The Beast

  Ray Cooper

The Beast is a new 3 track EP download release from Ray Cooper.

The title song ‘The Beast’ takes Ray Cooper into new territory, the hard hitting acoustic landscape is still there but the vocal delivery is half talking, half rapping. Ever get the feeling we have been here before? The singer asks. “Back to a world of pirates, religious wars, beheadings and slaves. The past should stay where it was”.

‘Eyes Of Mercy’ tells the story of a patient in hospital who cannot speak but sees the nurses come and go. Yes, there is an obvious reference to the Covid-19 here. ‘The Burning Pile’ is an instrumental track which starts with a simple mandolin tune but develops into a large scale work of cinematic quality as more instruments and then a choir join in. The music was inspired by the witch trials which took place in Mora, Sweden in 1669.

Ray Cooper composed and sung all the tracks and was joined by British singer Rowan Godel. Cooper recorded this EP in a log cabin in Sweden and also played all the instruments; guitar, cello, mandolin, harmonica, harmonium, kantele (a Finnish harp), bass guitar and percussion.

This is folk with an edge, and it doesn’t sound like anybody else.

Available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all download and streaming platforms from July 17th.

Artist’s website: www.raycooper.org