Flook release limited edition vinyl Ancora

Photograph by Naoki Fujioka

Ancora is released today in a Limited Edition of 500 Orange Vinyl.

Flook say that “We had a tough time choosing the winner of our Seahorse Competition, not least of all because the entries came flooding in by so many methods – Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and it was hard to keep track. But we managed, and we had great fun reading them all. After much deliberation, we would like to congratulate Andy Mitchell for his winning entry, which contained some interesting facts and a nice link back to us”. Andy says “I hope you enjoy these few facts and I don’t really mind if I don’t win. Just thanks a million for the music I’ve been listening to since that first night in the Stromness Hotel, Orkney in 1999.” Well, he did win, and a signed copy of Ancora on vinyl will be winging its way to him after the weekend. Well done, Andy! Here’s his winning entry:

“Seahorses belong to a genus of fish called Hippocampus. The best known and best studied fossils are from the Marecchia River formation, Italy, dating back about 3 million years ago. The Marecchia River enters the Adriatic at Rimini which is just 41km from Pesaro, where your artist, Germano Ovani was born. Also, the hippocampus is a part of the brain, so named because of its shape. It forms an important part of the limbic system, the region that regulates emotions and is associated mainly with memory, in particular long-term memory. You couldn’t possibly do what you do without a highly developed hippocampus to feel the emotion of music and then remember all those notes!”

Over the summer you can hear Flook at festivals in Galicia and Germany, and at Sidmouth, Glasgow’s Piping Live, Purbeck and Bromyard in UK. Then they have a series of five Scottish dates in September, anchored around Ceol Cholasa on Colonsay, and a tour in Germany. Please come and say hi along the way!

Artists’ website: https://flook.co.uk/

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‘Rubik’ live: