Amy Duncan announces her sixth solo album

Amy Duncan

Antidote is the adventurous 6th album by singer/songwriter Amy Duncan. There are elements of pop folk, with harp and sparse acoustic guitar in an open tuning. Saxophone, drums, bass and odd time signatures in places add a slight jazz feel, with warm synths, layered vocals and field recordings from the city adding an overall contemporary sound.

The songs are diverse, from the dark and strange ‘The Severed Head’, to the hopeful and positive ‘Steady The Bow’. Amy’s signature pure, honest vocals connect through the songs in what is a truly special record.

“I recorded most of the album at home with no one else around, and felt a freedom of expression which reminded me of how I worked with my first two albums Pilgrimage (2006) and Story Of A Girl (2007). I had the time and the privacy to work and develop ideas until they felt right to me. It was great to know that Calum Malcolm would be mixing and mastering it, and bringing all the sounds to life, so I was free to create whatever I wanted. I had a lot of fun walking around Edinburgh making field recordings of sounds from all over the city. You can hear these sounds weaving in and out of the songs.

There is a vibrancy and sense of hope in Antidote. I was searching for a cure, a way of being, that could move beyond the depressive cycle. The songs are linked together by the theme of overcoming adversity in health and life. Knowing the past cannot be changed, it is ultimately about moving forward, with the intention to choose to live life in a positive way. “

Antidote is available to pre-order through Pledge Music where there is also the opportunity to find some original artwork, lucky bags, greetings cards and other merchandise not available elsewhere.

Amy’s previous releases include the albums Cycles Of Life (2013 Linn Records) and Undercurrents (2016) both of which were produced by Calum Malcolm and funded by Creative Scotland.

Antidote features Sue Mckenzie (saxophone), Fiona Rutherford (harp), Lawrie Macmillan (bass), Amy Duncan (keyboards / guitars / double bass) and Liam Bradley (drums).

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