Copperplate Podcast 253 – Presented by Alan O’Leary brings you the latest podcast from that aficionado of Irish music, yes you guessed it, the one and only Mr. Alan O’Leary with his regular monthly instalment of Copperplate goodies.

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1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/Jimmy Kelly’s.   All Things Considered
2. Macalla:  Blackberry Blossom/Lord McDonnell/Vincent Brodrick’s.  Women of Ireland
3. Eilis Kennedy: When I Sleep. So Ends This Day
4. Kathleen Loughnane:  Poll Halpenny. Harp to Heart
5. Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello: 
The Broken Pledge/Boy in the Gap Grace Bay
6. Daithi Gormley; McGowan’s/Mary Ann McGuigan’s. Fiddling Without A Bow
7. Jerry Lynch:  
 A Silent Night, Christmas 1915.   The Dimming of the Day
8. Leonard Barry
Napoleon Crossing the Rhine/Dogs Among the Bushes/Gabe Sullivans New Road
9. Bobby & Sean Casey: Farewell to Miltown/Star of Munster. Spirit of West Clare
10. Patsy Moloney: The Sweetheart/Farewell to London.  The Temple in  the Glen             
11. Tim Dennehy: Be Still As You Are Beautiful. Old Boots & Flying Sandals
12. Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell & Michael Doocey: Mouse in the Mug. Music & Mischief
13. Urnua: The Flying Magpies/A Roll of the Dice/Just Another Dilemma. Urnua
14. Luke Daniels: 
Martin Wynne’s #4/Andy McGann’s/The Ivy Leaf.   The Mighty Box
15. The Outside Track:  Christmas Eve Party.  Christmas Star

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