The Amazing Devil release debut album

Amazing Devil

They met aboard a boat bound for strange new worlds and sang each other songs of blashy storms and sinking ships, following the release of their debut single ‘King’, and their astonishing debut album Love Run, this new London-based band are rapidly gaining a cult following with their raucously broken, heart-on ripped and ragged sleeve live gigs.

The Amazing Devil were formed in New York in 2015 by northern raised Madeleine Hyland and Joey Batey and soon found a home in London’s Soho streets. They frequently play to packed intimate venues across the capital, the U.S, New Zealand, Wales and beyond, and have been known for their underground and word-of-mouth-only gigs, from back-alley Soho doors, Manhattan manor houses to amphitheatre’s dug from the very mud itself at Glastonbury Festival. Taking the untempered emotion and musical verve of Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, the distant drums of Florence Welch, a raging cut-glass voice like no other, and throwing every chord into the North Sea, their debut album Love Run tells every story of love and hate gone right and wrong.

Beating toms, mournful cellos, flutes, horns and a fearless, sea-soaked and gut-churning voice, at times otherworldly and old, at others new as all hell, their powerful, emotional heart- thumping blend of jazz vocals, poetical lyrics, folk rhythms, explosive choruses and baroque pop beats will hold your hand, sing your heart, beat your chest and walk you through every raging storm you’ll ever know.

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