CHRISTY SCOTT – Amaranthine (Christy Scott Music CSMO1EP)

AmaranthineAmaranthine is a terrific five track EP released by Christy Scott. She has written all five of the songs and selected a well-respected group of musicians to support her.

Christy has a great voice and had created a really enjoyable EP. However, I am having difficulty categorising it. Neither the lyrics nor the arrangements would fall into a typical folk category. The lyrics all carry a personal in love theme and I personally am not keen on that. The romantics of the world will enjoy them more. I would place this EP more in pop or even country bracket. I know that there are many people who enjoy that and the record sell very well.

The one major criticism I have had nothing to do with Christy Scott. This EP has a problem which I am identifying more and more in folk albums issued by younger artistes. They are pushing vocals back and back allowing their music to be dominated by clever instrumentation. This is Christy’s record. She is a clever song-writer with a great voice. This CD is issued to promote Christy Scott, her singing voice and ability to write songs, not the backing musicians.

Tracks one and five recognise that. Tracks two, three and four are slightly overshadowed by the backing musicians and this is the fault of the producer. I am not saying they are not good, I am stressing a selfishness that has allowed the main reason for the release of the set to be dominated by the studio musicians.

Never mind, Christy, I like it and you are very good. Would I recommend it – yes, I would. It is a first release for Christy Scott and she will develop from this. The studio does not need to be so crammed. It is Christy’s voice and lyrics she need to promote. Me, an old ‘folkie’, has listened to this CD many, many times and so will you if you buy it. It is good!

Fraser Bruce

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