THE JELLYMAN’S DAUGHTER – The Jellyman’s Daughter (own label)

JellymanThe Jellyman’s Daughter is a duo comprised of Emily Kelly on guitar and vocals and Graham Coe on cello and vocals. Jenny Hill (double bass), Gerry Kelly (banjo) and Natalie Brown (fiddle) occasionally provide additional accompaniment on the tracks presented on this album.

Coe’s versatile cello playing provides the percussive elements of the songs; as well as the driving rhythms. Both Kelly and Coe have voices that combine excellently together. Kelly’s voice, in particular is suited to this style of music. The opener ‘Blue Lullaby’ is a strong opener with a catchy chorus. This is followed by a train-chugging rhythm for ‘The One You’re Leaving’. The addition of banjo gives a bluegrass feel to the song. The steam train beat, albeit with greater urgency, is employed again in ‘Carolina’, my favourite track on the album.

The songs vary from upbeat to mournful and all moods in between. There is even a unique take on The Beatles song, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love.’ A staccato rendition, offset with the soft singing of Emily Kelly.

The album is smooth and the track selection and order is well thought out. All in all, a very enjoyable listen. If I have any reservation, it is the lack of real percussion. Graham Coe does an admirable job filling in the sound with the cello, but there are one or two tracks where I believe the addition of drums would have raised them to the next level.

That personal gripe aside, I heartily recommend you give this talented duo a try.

Ron D Bowes

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