THE AMPLIFIED ACOUSTIC BAND – Now. Here. This. (100Promotion 100P038)

I was approached by acclaimed Czech and London based singer songwriter Jamie Marshall to do a review of ‘Now. Here. This.’ – the debut album by The Amplified Acoustic Band, who have been wowing live audiences in Prague and surrounding areas for some time.

I had heard a taster of what I now know to be a fine album, and was looking forward to receiving it, as had been really impressed by what I had heard. The album sleeve is fabulous and classy, it includes the lyrics and lots of information on the band members.

The first track was penned by Jamie Marshall, who has a catalogue of notaries he has performed alongside, such as Don ‘Mr American Pie’ McLean, Glen Tilbrook, Paul Young and many more. ‘Trust Me’ is a great foot tapper – about lies and revenge. Something a good many of us can relate to.

The second rather jazzy bluesy track is sung by double bass player Svatka Štěpánkova (who is married to the guitar player – Radek) and she has an amazing voice and does justice to it entitled ‘Chocolate Jesus’, a Tom Waits number. ‘I’m Falling Apart’ is the sad time when a relationship ends, duet comprising of Jamie and Svatka, band number with drums and great guitar! Collaboration between Jamie and acclaimed singer songwriter Clive Gregson produced ‘Yes I Do’, a sad tale of a broken heart missing someone. A lovely melodic haunting track.

‘One Day Soon’ gives a great riff of electric guitar in the right places, a foot tapper to cheers us up, of hope and dreams to be fulfilled in the future. Dedi Madden wrote ‘Home’ which is a poignant track about loneliness and the subject of the track wanting to put down roots I think. A place where a few could relate to I’m sure. Superb sax on this track too. ‘This Time’ is about things working out at last! ‘Until I Hear It From You’ is the opposite! Both are written by Jamie Marshall.

‘Trouble’ is a very dark track written by Carlos Henderson and Lizz Wright, very ably sung by Svatka, had goose pimples listening to this! ‘Good News From The World Outside’ is a knock at what’s happening in the world today. ‘Just Enough of a Moon’ is a simple tango and a story of acting impulsively! ‘Love to Learn is a mournful slow jazzy blues track featuring Svatka on vocals, alongside a mournful fiddle and acoustic guitar. The last track ‘Word Up’ is a funky r&b lets dance and sing number. Dance your cobwebs away and enjoy!

I enjoyed all thirteen tracks, a refreshing change to some albums, as they were all different. The album was sponsored by supporters, and the band should be rightly proud of what they have achieved. Love it!!

Jean Camp

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‘Word Up!’ – official video:

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