The Norfolk Broads announce their second album

The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads sing traditional songs from the British Isles and America, usually unaccompanied. They are drawn to songs that tell a story, and the people at the centre of those stories. From dark tales of murder and seduction to ballads of love and hope, the Broads’ four part harmonies bring life back to long quiet words. The stories of women and their lives are a constant source of inspiration.

On the 26th  November 2021, The Norfolk Broads release their second album: Yonder Green Grove. Featuring their distinctive harmonies across nine traditional songs, the album is a celebration of the power of female storytelling through song. Recorded during lockdown at Slow Worm Records with accompaniment from award-winning East Anglian folk masters Tom Moore and Nick Hart, Yonder Green Grove moves through dark (‘Fear A Bhata’, ‘Young Girl’), joyful (‘Fennario’) and bittersweet (‘Lovely Johnny’) song.

Eleanor Dale, Daisy Johnson, Anna Cornish and Helen Cherry’s shared love of singing together brings a powerful energy to every recording, where strong storytelling and innovative harmonies are used to explore and redefine old songs, fuelling new takes on the lives of women both past and present. Their first album In The Valley Of The Flowers (2017, produced by Sid Goldsmith) featured ‘The Wellerman’, a song that the Broads’ queen of the shanty Anna Cornish later recorded with the Longest Johns to become a viral TikTok shanty sensation (‘Between Wind and Water’, 2018).

The roots of the band go back to the Alto section of the Trad Academy Sea Shanty Choir, where the group bonded over Maritime work songs and failed romances in 2014. The Broads have performed their repertoire of traditional songs and spirited harmonies to sell-out audiences across the UK and further afield, including at festivals in the United States, France, the Netherlands and Ireland.

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