Pressgang Mutiny announce their second album

Pressgang Mutiny

2020 will see Canadian sea shanty band Pressgang Mutiny release their second album entitled Across The Western Ocean. The album balances the tight harmonies and ruggedness that has made them a festival favourite across Canada, the US, and Europe. The album is a fresh and relevant take on sea music, combining traditional shanty work songs with contemporary pieces by Jonathan Byrd, Martin Green, and Jack Forbes.

Renowned Canadian composer, singer-songwriter, and naval historian Ian Bell describes the new album as “a terrific mix of traditional and contemporary songs…presented in tight acapella arrangements that invite you to sing along, but including enough musical surprises to keep you listening.”

The album will be live across all major digital platforms as well as available through the Pressgang Mutiny website at Two previews are also available on the website.

Pressgang Mutiny are a group of musicians and tall ship sailors who have been roaring out songs of the sea since 2013. They have toured extensively across the East Coasts of Canada and the US and have also played festivals in the UK and Europe. They are dedicated to showcasing a vital tradition of work songs that represents the world’s first truly multicultural music to new and familiar audiences alike, all while celebrating the joy and connection of singing together.

“Now here’s a crew I would sign on with for a rollick ‘round the Horn. In a heartbeat. The boys are leaning into the capstan on this voyage of a CD. A wonderful collection of shanties, both old and new to me, that I’ll be listening to until I have parts for all of them. Here’s wishing Pressgang Mutiny fair winds and calm seas to launch this excellent record. Roll away, Boys, Roll away!” – David Francey, three time Juno and Canadian Folk Music Awards winner.

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‘General Taylor’ – live with Yarmouth Shanty Men