DUOTONE – Work Harder & One Day You’ll Find Her (Garrett Brown Music GBMCD 003)

This album reminds me of my youth when I was listening to the likes of Clifford T Ward and Al Stewart. As a journalist it’s a labour of love digging for information and piecing it together courtesy of the www and that’s what I had to do in the case of Barney Morse-Brown (cellist with The Imagined Village). For it is he and predominantly he alone (with the exception of B J Cole and James Garrett) who has created a very interesting and ultimately rewarding album. Take, for example, with a small battery of instruments and technology he utilises the gorgeous rounded tones of cello segueing into the nicely faded in guitar and double-tracked vocals on the opening song “House In Keremma”. Most of the album’s tracks prove Radio 2 friendly produced with a delicate yet assured hand by Robert Harbron and, if you’re like me will find this is the kind of album that you can stick your headphones on and listen to enraptured as the velvet like audio texture washes over you. From the striking, enigmatic pose on the sleeve…not dissimilar to a latter day Robert Louis Stevenson…Duotone has made an impressive debut and I for one hope that there is much more to follow.