Folking introduces Will Varley, ‘King For A King’ video and Advert Soundtracks…

Will Varley has been haunting the open mics and acoustic nights of London and the South East for the past decade. His polished live shows have won him a growing crew of faithful followers and after releasing a collection of home demos in 2009 his first proper album ‘Advert Soundtracks’ began production with Smugglers Records in the spring. The collection of ten songs was recorded in the attic of an old fisherman’s cottage by the sea in Kent and produced by David Hatton Jnr. (Cocos Lovers) using an old 1960′s Neumann U47 tube microphone and a beaten up laptop.

After the recording was finished, Varley set out on the road and walked a hundred and thirty miles with a guitar and tent on his back. Starting the tour at London Bridge he headed south east, strolling through the roll- ing hills of the Kent wield and singing songs to whoever would listen. The 24 year old slept in barns, camped at the side of canals and played gigs in the corner of crowded pubs. By the time he strolled back to deal, despite the blisters and the aching muscles, word of his album had begun to spread and he had many a story still to tell.

Since his return, Varley has been gigging relentlessly across the country, with a summer of festival appearances followed by an autumn of support slots, folk clubs, and a number of performances at the Occupy Lon- don protests.