Ange Hardy’s new album is on general release this month

Ange Hardy

Bring Back Home is the sixth studio album from the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated singer, songwriter and independent recording artist Ange Hardy. The last year has seen Ange Hardy performing live on both BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio Three and touring as a headline artist at venues including The Sage Gateshead and The Regal Theatre.

Her last album (Findings) hit Number 1 in the Amazon Folk Music charts, scored a 5-star review from R2 Magazine, and found itself in the fRoots Critics Poll end of year list.

Ange Hardy has come a long way from the 14 year-old who ran away from a children’s home in Somerset and discovered music and songwriting as a counsellor and lifeline whilst living homeless on the streets of Ireland. Rather than relaxing with the success of her 2016 album, she’s followed it up with this – her fifth consecutive 14-track album in the last five years.

The songs on this album (twelve written by Ange this year, and two traditional) range from epic full band productions (‘Sisters Three’) to stripped back vocal tracks (‘Once I Was A Rose’). There are insightful songs about Asperger’s and ADHD (A Girl Like Her) and political songs written in response to a recent item on the Jeremy Vine show (‘What May You Do for the JAM?’). There are songs that feel like they belong in an English country garden (‘Summer’s Day / Little Wilscombe’) alongside songs that feel like they’re set in the cinematic landscape of Tim Burton (‘Little Benny Sing Well’). There are guitar and percussion driven songs that will make you tap your feet and hum along (‘Husband John’) nestled against delicate harp songs (‘Waters Of Tyne’).

The closing song (‘What It Is’) demonstrates the diversity of Ange’s musical styling and the blurred lines between acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter and pop, delivering a genre-defying message of hope that cuts to the thematic heart of Bring Back Home: “Let it be what it is for the grieving is more than the time that you have, and coming is more for the leaving… it is more to have love than to have. Whatever may be make it welcome, whatever may go let it pass… for time it is precious and seldom will your time be well spent on the past”.

 “There’s frankly so much to admire, but the main thing is it sounds beautiful!” – BBC Radio 2

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‘What May You Do For The JAM?’ – official video:

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