KYLE CAREY – Monongah (Self-Released)

A bit like President Obama I feel that Ms Carey is a ‘nice’ person. It’s not that I know her personally of course but judging her on the merits of this album I feel that all is right with the world. This could also have something to do with the fact that Lunasa’s Donogh Hennessy is sitting in the producer’s chair and in company with a guest list of musicians including Trevor Hutchinson (Bass), Aoife Clancy (harmony vocals), Neil Fitzgibbon (string driven things) and the crisply tuneful glissando mandolin of John Kirk this album really is something of a gem. If I said that the recording should be played relentlessly on BBC Radio 2 then I hope that there are enough producers out there to take note to steer the album in the direction of Mike Harding and Aled Jones etc. A much seasoned traveller Kyle’s Appalachian/Scots influenced songs have an organic ‘feel’ that is delivered in a laid-back way that would do justice to any recent recording by Dolly Parton…minus the ‘howdee’ drawl if you’ll excuse me being so presumptuous. Intriguing subject matter often inspired by poems from the pens of authors such as Louise McNeill (RIP) who unknowingly contributed to the title track and “Devil At Your Back” would I’m sure be proud to be represented in such a way. The final track “Reprise” proved a little unsettling for me (in a good way) in that it opens with a stark fiddle ‘Civil War’ type slow air (think Clint Eastwood in the film “Beguiled” or a soundtrack not dissimilar to the movie “Ravenous”) and, after a monumental pause of 57 seconds (and yes, I did time it!) before the final song (a reprise of “Adenine”) is more than worth while waiting for. Like discovered treasure you’ll find this a rewarding experience.


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