Video Wall 19

With the future still clouded in uncertainty – despite optimism a few weeks ago – more and more artists are getting their music out there via video. Here is another selection of those we have recently received.

We’ll begin with ‘Pumpkins’, a track from the most recent album by SUZIE UNGERLEIDER.

Also from a recent album, PAUL HANDYSIDE sings ‘Not In My Name’.

We’ve also featured LUCY GRUBB and her new EP recently. Here’s the lead track from Waste My Time.

FUZZY LIGHTS have a new album, Burials. This is ‘Under The Waves’.

Here is a rather mysterious video for the new single, ‘hurt’, by ADA LEA.

TOM ROSENTHAL employed his fans to help make this video for ‘I Went To Bed And I Loved You’ from his forthcoming album, Denis Was A Bird. It celebrates the lives of lost loved ones.

We’re back across the Atlantic again for some country rock in the shape of ‘Low Down Lady’ by GRAYSON JENKINS. Like many writers Grayson has been stockpiling new material and some of it will see the light of summer days.

‘Why Women Need Wine’ is not a question we’ve considered over-much – it just is. ANYA HINKLE provides an explanation.

SHANNON LaBRIE has released a video for the title track of her new album, Building.

In Europe now, Sweden to be precise, and ‘Dive In’ , a single from the debut album, Appear, by MOLOSSER. Weird and strangely beautiful.

South African singer/songwriter JEREMY LOOPS releases a new single, ‘Postcards’.’s very own Paul Johnson, and the team look forward to covering the New Forest Folk Festival again this year with bigger and better coverage.

Paul will be at The New Forest Folk Festival bringing coverage and as many of his audio interviews with the performers as he can grab and Lewis Beech will be face-booking, insta-gramming and Tweeting from the festival all weekend. ~ find out more here ~

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