HEG & THE WOLF CHORUS – A Tale Of Sailors (own label)

A Tale Of SailorsAfter two singles Heg & The Wolf Chorus stretch out to an EP. The band: Heg Brignall, who writes the songs, Stephanie Taylor, Richie Dobson, Vince Martin and double-bassist Joe Kelly live in Bristol and have links with Dartington College. Their previous release, Giant, explored folk tales from the Bristol area and A Tale Of Sailors comprises four songs of the sea.

For a band with avant-garde connections the songs on A Tale Of Sailors are quite traditional in construction. ‘Three Sailors’, for example, tells of the titular characters being picked off one by one by a sea serpent. The accompaniment is based around Heg’s piano, Vince’s violin and a string quartet with percussion from Stephanie and Richie. ‘Annie Of The Atlantic’ is the record’s big production number, a story taken from Heg’s family history, and ‘Boat And I’ is a reworking of their first single. ‘Sea Shanty For Bessie Harker’ is the story of a heroine who effected a hazardous rescue, although it doesn’t really conform to any shanty form – you might just about work the halyards on the ho’s, I guess.

Now, after tantalising us with three short offerings, I do think that it’s time that Heg presented us with a full album.

Dai Jeffries

Artists’ website: http://www.hegandthewolfchorus.com

‘Three Sailors’ – the official video: