Cornish gypsy-punks Biere de Luxe announce their new album

Biere de Luxe

Rural gypsy-punks hailing from the worn-out edges of Cornwall’s glossy picture postcard mystique. Summoning the spirit of Baltic bohemianism and growled ol’ timey blues in equal measure, the bouzouki wielding, accordion toting wildcards create the sound of a shanty festival gone horribly wrong. Fast accumulating a cult following in their home county and beyond with their furious on-stage magnetism and high energy performances, the group have blazed a trail of jagged guitar riffs and breakneck drum-fills from Cornwall to as far as the Adriatic Sea. Having previously been described by promoters in such powerful ways as “The Rolling Stones of Gypsy-punk” and “The sound of the Iron Curtain re-sampled through heavy amphetamine abuse”, Biere de Luxe are in a class of their own – a force to be reckoned with!

Having formed in 2011, Biere de Luxe have been consistently playing venues and festivals up and down the UK and have recently finished recording a 12 track album Into The Thicket which is available through Bandcamp and to stream on Spotify and iTunes. Some previous shows played are listed below.

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‘Turbo Kicker’ live: