Tom Napper & Tom Bliss – The Kelping

Tom Napper & Tom Bliss The Kelping

I had the utter delight of seeing this duo play at the Ho at Anchor, in Leigh-on-Sea and they wove magic for me that night. The magic was in the stories that they told before and during playing. It made me listen harder and instilled a greater understanding of the legends they were creating.

At the time I bought “The Silverlode” and played it non-stop and still refer back to it regularly. Because every time I listen to it I’m reminded of the enchantment that’s still there, created in my mind and reinforced in the music.

So (you knew we’d get round to eventually – right?) The Kelping! Wow! Suddenly I remember loads more of the songs they’d played that January night in Essex. Instantly captivated not just by their amazing talent on the mandolin/mandola/guitar/banjo, which in itself is stuff made of legends.

There are some really haunting tracks on this album and a bit of a sea-theme running throughout and as with The Silverlode they have interspersed the selection with rearranged traditional tunes and Bliss’s conjuring song writing.

You really need to listen to God Speed (the snow goose), a song by Tom based on Paul Galico’s book, The Snowgoose (in itself a beautiful book). I heard it in February first and it still moves me in the way only well told and good yarns do.

In fact do more… go visit the Amazon link below and get a copy.

Original Posting date – 26-May-2005
Reviewers Name – Lins