Pilgrims’ Way – EP (Own Label)

In these days of ever encroaching technology isn’t it pleasing to hear someone getting back to their ‘roots’ and performing on the unassuming, some might say teeth shattering Jews’ harp. I’m pleased to report that the perfectly pretty mouth of Lucy Wright is none the worse for her ordeal and her vocals sit very well with Tom Kitching (fiddle/mandolin and vocals) and Edwin Beasant (melodeon/guitar/bass and vocals). Not to be outdone instrumentally herself, young Wright also plays second fiddle (her words, not mine) on a set that establishes the band’s traditionally biased repertoire. As well as a jaunty “Tarry Trousers” and “The Handweaver And The Factory Maid” the trio also get a resounding thumbs-up for including Les Barker’s striking song “Maybe Then I’ll Be A Rose” (also covered some while ago by June Tabor). On the strength of this ‘sampler’ recording, the protagonists have secured many festival bookings and a full-blown album is to be released on Fellside Recordings and should be available shortly (Ed.now available below!). Definitely one to look out for! Now can somebody point me in the direction of a good dentist?


Artist’s website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pilgrims-Way