Candi’s Dog – new single

Candi's Dog

Tyneside trio Candi’s Dog specialise in acoustic folk-pop, combining inventive structures with ludicrously catchy melodies. The result is a mash-up akin to the likes of Bright Eyes and the lyrical quality of Ed Sheeran. Creativity isn’t something that’s hard to come by for the innovative threesome who can regularly be seen sporting melodicas, kazoos and a homemade acoustic bass.

Not content with leaving the ear candy duties to their primary instruments alone (consisting of guitar, bass and percussion), Candi’s Dog add delicious, rich vocal harmonies to their audio arsenal, echoing the melodic vocal prowess of the Beach Boys and Crowded House. The satisfying suggestion of pop along with their folksy-rock feel results in their sound igniting a feast of welcomed familiarity, allowing the band to become part of your inner soundtrack with obliging ease.

Favouring the DIY approach, Candi’s Dog have not only opted to make their own instruments but after being left with underwhelming results at the hands of recording studios, the band have taken to home recording.

The decision has clearly paid off with the brilliantly catchy single ‘I Couldn’t Ask For More’ fresh off the production line, showcasing the songcraft of twin brothers, Matthew and Daniel Slee, and Stephen Justice. Set for release on Monday 29th Feb the upbeat ‘I Couldn’t Ask For More’ is taken from the band’s debut album out later this year.

‘I Couldn’t Ask For More’ – rehearsal video: