SPIN DOCTORS – Songs From The Road (Ruf Records 1212)

Songs From The RoadSongs From The Road is, as one would expect, a collection of live tracks performed by the band.

The Spin Doctors have been around for some time now; since 1989 to be precise. After a false start, their album A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite became a huge success and spawned some of their greatest tracks. Their next five albums never reached the giddy heights of the first, but they are still a jobbing band producing some excellent music. The last album from the group was a return to their pre-Spin Doctors blues roots; called If the River Was Whiskey.

This album presents songs (mainly) from the first and last albums. Funky, jazzy, rocky and, of course, bluesy. There is a raw energy to the performances that adds bite to the songs. Most of the favourites are here; ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’, ‘Jimmy Olsen’s Blues’, ‘What Time Is It?’ and the off-the-wall ‘Yo Mamas A Pajama’. These upbeat songs are interspersed with blues tracks such as ‘Sweetest Portion’ and ‘If the River Was Whiskey’. Some mellow blues, some blues rock. Chris Barron on vocals, works the audience like any good front man should and Eric Schenkman delivers some pretty hot guitar licks and solos.

The music is electrifying and the band is on top form. If you are a fan, this is an essential for your collection. The package comes with a bonus DVD. The same tracks, but, obviously, with the added treat of seeing the guys strut their stuff. The DVD also contains interviews with singer Chris Barron and drummer Aaron Comess.

Do I recommend this? Yes I do!

Ron D Bowes

‘If The River Was Whiskey’ – official video for the studio release: