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2014LOGO_chair_60th_distressed_lo_res_2Sidmouth FolkWeek (1st – 8th August 2014)
celebrating its 60th year and your festival in style


A major new independent film telling the story of Sidmouth Folk Festivals throughout its 60 years in existence is underway. The Producers from Fuel TV are now looking for fans of FolkWeek to come forward with personal stories and archive material that might become part of this major new film.

Producer Paul Tully says: “Sidmouth is a key festival in the English folk calendar: it has 60 years of stories and we would love the opportunity to get them to the big screen.”

The central idea is to tell the story of Sidmouth FolkWeek through the unique viewpoint of those who support it, year after year. Home movies, photographs, flyers, posters, memorabilia and audio recordings are all archive materials that could be used in this project. Any ‘moving picture’ documentation is of key interest for the filmmakers.

Sidmouth as a festival has enjoyed numerous highlights and survived many challenges in mounting the renowned event year after year. There is fascinating local and national history reflected in what happened at FolkWeek over the years and Fuel TV aim to capture those stories for this film.

Many unusual, vibrant, odd, bizarre and brilliant performances have taken place in the town during festival week. Characters, old and young, have enjoyed the colourful sights and sounds for many years. Fuel TV would like to hear from anybody who might have recorded, photographed or remembered the more memorable of these. The Producers would like contributors to email them in the first instance to sidmouthfilm@gmail.com and info@fueltv.ie

The film will be shot this year and will be ready for audiences to enjoy in early 2015.

FolkWeek organisers will shortly be making a similar call for archive materials as part of a physical exhibition planned as part of this year’s 60 years celebrations at the event from 1st – 8th August 2014.

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