LED ZEPPELIN – Celebration Day

(Los Angeles, Date, 2012) – On December 10, 2007,  Led Zeppelin took the stage at London’s O2 Arena to headline a tribute concert for dear friend and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. What followed was a two-hour-plus tour de force of the band’s signature blues-infused rock ’n’ roll that instantly became part of the legend of Led Zeppelin. Founding members John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were joined by Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham, to perform 16 songs from their celebrated catalog including landmark tracks “Whole Lotta Love,” “Rock And Roll,” “Kashmir,” and “Stairway To Heaven.”

Although 20 million people applied for tickets, the band’s first headline show in 27 years was seen only by the 18,000 ticket holders who were fortunate enough to have secured seats through the worldwide lottery.

Celebration Day will then be available in multiple video and audio formats on November 19 from Swan Song/Atlantic Records. Click on the link below to pre-order.

Led Zeppelin has also been selected as one of the recipients of the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors. The band is set to receive the Honors at the annual gala on December 2 in Washington, DC.


“Last memory? Getting through it all. It was pretty good I think it worked out really well but it was a relief come the end of it I have to say” John Paul Jones

“To get back in the middle of that music was a spectacular experience. I was approaching it from a different angle so to get through it and out the other side was not much short of miraculous but great fun” Robert Plant

“I remember walking up the steps onto the stage and then the moment right at the very end of it. The rest of it has past very very quickly but I knew that what we had intended to do which was to go out there and stand up and be counted and that people who didn’t know Led Zeppelin but had heard a lot about it to show why we were what we were…” Jimmy Page

“Five years is like five minutes in Zeppelin time I am surprised we got it out so quickly” John Paul Jones

“There was a willingness to do this” Jimmy Page

“The whole concert was a fantasy sequence really.” Jimmy Page

[when asked about the emotions that were in the room with regards to Jason Bonham representing his dad on the drums] “His vigour was so fantastic… he drove us… Jason would blast through the whole thing… It was peculiar and strange at times but at the same time it was very rewarding for all of us and it really did work as a performance, him driving us on.” Robert Plant

“There was a real feeling of camaraderie, and actually, successful adventure.” Robert Plant

“I wasn’t aware of anybody being there apart from us on the stage and communicating with an audience. I heard there were like three generations of Presley’s there which was quite something.” Jimmy Page

“The idea of going to play the O2 wasn’t to make a DVD or a film or anything like that at all. It just so happened that we had all of this material going on behind us… it just made sense to record it at least to record it for our own collection and our own amusement. It is what it is now though and I’m really pleased you are all enjoying it, because it’s great.“ Jimmy Page

“The concert was what it was, there was very little that needed to be messed about with because we really did it well in the first place.” Jimmy Page

when asked about what rock ‘n’ roll means to you now compared to 30 or 40 years ago] “That music that I heard when I was 12 or 13 really seduced me and still does.” Jimmy Page

“The blues and rock ‘n’ roll for me is still part of the pulse of my life.” Robert Plant


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