Ray Laidlaw and Billy Mitchell present The Lindisfarne Story – Chapter 5: 50 Years Of Fog

50 Years Of Fog

The Lindisfarne Story is a celebration of the life, times and music of the North East of England’s most beloved band, Lindisfarne.  Founder member and drummer Ray Laidlaw and front man Billy Mitchell tell the remarkable story with a combination of rare video, unseen photographs, acoustic versions of their favourite Lindisfarne songs and a smattering of scurrilous gossip, opening the 50 Years Of Fog tour in South Shields on March 25th.

Here’s a recent reappraisal of Fog On The Tyne:


The bands’ story has recently received huge profile, following the BBC Four documentary presented by Sam Fender, Lindisfarne’s Geordie Genius; The Alan Hull Story. Given universal praise by press and fans alike, with glowing posts on social media from many fellow musicians, including Gary Kemp (Nick Mason’s Saucer Full of Secrets, Spandau Ballet). The documentary has made Number 6 in the Shindig! magazine best-of-the-year charts, alongside Frank Zappa, The Beatles and The Velvet Underground.

Ray and Billy created this show in 2012 as a fresh and original way to perform Lindisfarne music and share the group’s history with Lindisfarne fans.  After several successful Lindisfarne Story UK tours in Ray and Billy are back for another chapter and there’s so much more to talk about since the last tour – before you-know-what.

If you are Lindisfarne’s biggest fan or simply love the music of the 1960’s and 70’s, then this show is for you.

“A fantastic night with The Lindisfarne Story. There are so many words to describe the show and you will feel many emotions with it.  It is a real insight into the history of the group and the talented individuals that have forged many fantastic songs over five decades. It really is very special, catch it before it’s gone.”

Tour website: https://www.lindisfarnestory.co.uk/tour

‘Fog On The Tyne’ = how it sounded back then:

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