Hobgoblin founder Pete McClelland announces debut solo album

Carolina Sky is a collection of Pete McClelland’s original songs and is his first solo release, recorded in Sussex and in Nashville during late 2016. Inspired by becoming a grandfather in 2011 the spark was lit and songs began to flow. Pete has driven, along with his wife Mannie, across North America on many occasions, coast to coast, East to West and North to South. This album is also inspired by those journeys and the places along them. The album features Nashville stalwarts Wayne Killius, drums, Tigar Bell fiddle, Mike Joyce Bass, Grand Ole Opry star Pat Severs on guitars, banjo and dobro, and Sussex players Jason Pegg, accordion and piano, John Rain bass and Pete on guitars, banjo, fiddle and vocals. The album was recorded at Beach Studios is Sussex and the stunning cover artwork is a photo of the Blueridge Mountains seen from the Blueridge Parkway

Weehawken to Redwing via Asheville; New York to San Diego; Montreal to New York via Chicago, Des Moines, Tulsa and Jacksonville; San Francisco to Big Bend; Key West to Vancouver; Pete and Mannie have crossed the North American continent over and over since 1978 and listened to country music most of the way. Pete went to Nashville to see if anyone might cover his songs, never really planned to put this out there himself. But now he has, and we hope you like the album!

Pete McClelland is a member of two folk bands:

The Blackthorn Band – www.blackthornband.org

and ThingumaJig – www.thingumajig.org.

He is also a member of country band Montana Rain – www.montanarain.co.uk.

He performs solo with his Turn Of The Tide sea song project.

R2 Magazine: “Surprisingly, Carolina Sky is Pete’s debut solo album. a gently beguiling collection informed by McClelland’s pastoral tones, eschewing any suggestion of a false accent, and at times bringing to mind Al Stewart. He skilfully combines elements of country, blues, bluegrass and folk with soft-rock favours on the Chris Rea-style ‘War of Love’, and Cajun on ‘Marie’.”

Artist’s website: www.petemcclelland.com

See also: www.hobgoblinmusic.co.uk

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