Peatbog Faeries – new album


Blackhouse is the eagerly awaited seventh studio album by the multi award winning band Peatbog Faeries. With the debut of fiddle player, Ross Couper, it brings together the two great instrumental island traditions of Scotland, the fiddle playing of Shetland and the Highland Pipes of the Isle of Skye.

It was recorded on the peninsula of Ardnamurchan, situated on the Western coastline of the Scottish mainland. The band continue to draw from the deep well of the Scottish tradition but they never tire of finding ways to move that tradition forward, with hefty dance grooves moving outwards towards the music of the world.

The name ‘blackhouse’ speaks to the play between the past, (in which blackhouses played an important role), the present and future. The only tune on the album not written by the band, the very catchy Dragon’s Apprentice, was written by Archie Maclean, a nine year old piper from Skye!!!

Peatbog Faeries will be playing at various festivals and touring the UK during the summer months.

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