Video Wall 11

Where to begin with the plethora of new videos that have arrived since last time?  With Paul Mosley & The Red Meat Orchestra and the single ‘Build Your Fire’ from his new album. We hope to be reviewing You’re Going To Die! very soon before it actually happens.

Skinny Lister release  ‘Second Amendment’ as a single from their album The Story Is… Do you think they have a point to make?

Belle Curves (great name, btw) are from new York City. Their new single, ‘Promise Of 95’ is about a road – to be precise, Interstate 95, which is now complete after more than 60 years. I guess you have to live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey to appreciate the significance.

The new album by Beans On Toast is called The Inevitable Train Wreck and will be available in early December. ‘World Gone Crazy’ is the first track to escape from the wreckage.

Radio 2 Folk Award nominees The Breath recorded ‘No You Keep it’ live. It’s really an advert for Stuart McCallum’s new guitar but what the heck?

Bruce Springsteen‘s movie Blinded By The Light is big news at the moment. Here’s a special lyric video for the song ‘I’ll Stand By You’.

Bluegrass veterans The Grascals release ‘Callin’ Your Name’ from their new album, Straighten The Curves.

Will Purdue is a  an alt-country singer/songwriter. This video for ‘Call My Name’, the title track from his recent EP was filmed around the wild west of Wimbledon and  Finsbury Park.

The Ghosts Of Helags are a new name to us. ‘The Santa Rosa Song’ is the Scandinavian duo’s new single.

Mipso are a quartet from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and mix together all the influences you’d expect.  ‘People Change’ is from their album, Edges Run, and the band start their UK/Europe tour tomorrow.


The ButcherThis is a ghost story…” proclaims the cover of the lyric booklet. It is also a love story, or perhaps two love stories; I haven’t quite figured that out. It is also somewhere between a concept album and a folk-opera – two fairly unfashionable notions these days. Paul Mosley has assembled twelve supporting musicians to perform The Butcher – he himself is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist – and eight featured vocalists including Josienne Clarke. Paul wrote all the songs and music except for some interludes improvised by the band, so this is really an ensemble work.

The story begins with a young man standing by a lighthouse on an island who hears a call from the sea. He goes in search of the voice but fails and in his frustration extinguishes the light. He vows to keep the lighthouse dark and watches as someone else drowns off the island. I’m not giving too much away here; that is just the first two songs. Next we meet two of the chief protagonists: the star gazer sung by Jamie Lawson (the first signing to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man label) and the scientist, possibly an archaeologist, sung by Esther Dee. I haven’t yet decided if the star gazer is an astrologer or an astronomer and I suspect that the dichotomy he presents is deliberate.

Now things get a bit weird as we meet the villain of the piece, The Butcher himself, an inhuman being who was the young man at the beginning of the story and now may be immortal. And now things get really strange…

It will take you a while to thread your way through the story, even with Paul’s explanatory notes, but the music is rich enough to carry you through the bits you don’t quite understand the first time round. The Red Meat Orchestra can be everything from a rock band to a full orchestra with brass, strings, woodwinds and a harp. And is there a happy ending to the tale? I’ll let you decide.

Dai Jeffries

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