Ondervinden invites you to The Folk Effect

The Folk Effect

One  Week. Five Bands. Six New Songs

The Folk Effect is a free, online, high-speed music-writing event programmed over six days.

Five folk bands from across the UK will each have twenty-four hours to write a new song directly inspired by the one created and live streamed the day before in a celebration of creativity and togetherness.

In addition, emerging artist Jo May has been commissioned to create a lino-cut portrait of each band. Her film of this process will be edited with that of the performances and shown in a final omnibus streaming of all the new pieces.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

The Bands – are a secret for the moment.

About Ondervinden

Our company draws on folk tales and traditions to create intimate storytelling events with wit and imagination. At home in the pubs and village halls of the South West of England our productions have music and storytelling at their heart.

Lucy Morris – Producer. Jonathan Ip – Musical Director. Elske Waite – Artistic Director.

Dates & Times

2nd-7th November 2020 – simulcast across all our social media platforms at 19:00 BST.

7th November 2020 – Omnibus of all songs released permanently on Social Media and at ondervinden.com at 19:00 BST

Company website: ondervinden.com

Tickets: Free, or donate to support Ondervinden.